About – How We Got Here

As an artist, I love creating with wool!

From farm to felt,it’s sustainable, organic, and locally sourced.  Wool is the perfect medium to create two and three dimensional art.   Easily sculpted with barbed needles, or fabricated with soapy water, wool presents limitless creative opportunities.

Wool is kind to the environment. It’s grown nearby, biodegradable, and comes naturally in a wide array of colors. AIl wool fabrics used in tapestries and bags are upcycled from Pendleton Wool mill ends.

I only discovered this diverse medium a few years ago, while looking for new projects to teach. I wasn’t a big textile fan, so I had kind of ruled out fiber arts, until I fell in love with a barbed needle. And trust me, needle felting IS a labor of love; an art of a million pokes…and occasionally, band-aids and carpal tunnel symptoms.

As I wanted to make more complex and structural pieces, needle felting expanded, at first reluctantly, into wet felting. Once I found the right mentors to guide me through the myriad of techniques and styles, I discovered wool to be more than just a new medium, but a new lifestyle. Working with wool is everything: creative, meditative, physical, and therapeutic.

“Wool Is a Magical Fiber.”

Wool can be transformed into anything we can imagine. It’s wonderful for depicting the natural world. Wool is a safe and natural material for toys. Wool is soft, yet strong. It’s warm and comforting to the touch. The natural colors and diverse textures of wool spark my creativity.

Each piece is crafted to inspire joy in you.